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Luxury marble Floor Design

Today, waterjet cutting technology is the most popular among the various techniques that are used for shaping or carving designs for Marble, Granite & floor tiles. Waterjet is a cold cutting computerized process using water at high pressure to cut stone types materials into complex floor tile designs. Anything drawn on a computer can be cut using a waterjet cutter,

Waterjet designs are widely use on Marble or Granite flooring, especially for residential hallways or commercial lobbies, foyers, lifts or any entryways to express the presence of luxury, elegance & serenity. Because natural stone comes in many color variations, owners or designers are now able to express their own creativities in designing unique or artistic waterjet patterns that suits their preferences. Doesn't matter whether it is an intricate pattern that consist of thousands of pieces of fine Marble and tiles, with the precision of the waterjet technology, one can cut these stones into perfection.

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